Submitted Date 06/11/2019

The idea that we come from nothing
That we simply exist
Is for the weak

To depend on the "fact"
That we have no purpose to being our purpose
Molds us into a people that become nothing

And so we move day to day
Lifetime to lifetime
And we become dust

Our ideas are forgotten
Our hopes
The dreams we had
All turned to dust
Into the sands that blow round the earth

Yet the chosen ones have stepped forward
Decades upon centuries
They have brought themselves out
To better the world

But have we listened
Have we heard
We tasted
We yearned
And we forgot

And so it goes in a circle
A circle that will never be broken
Or perhaps it will
Perhaps that is the frail hope that speaks to our hearts

Will we be the ones that break the trend
Will we be the ones that bring the new about
It may be

But even if it is
Will the same not happen again as centuries before have shown
Will not the circle be mended

Sewed back together
Glued once more
Patched up again

The cycle never ceases to repeat
Evil reigns
Good prevails
Over and over
The story is the same
Simply changes in the landscape

A barren desert becomes an oasis
An oasis turns to sand

Have we not learned anything
Have not the details of history shown us that we are set to fail
And yet we continue to search for the fertile ground

We plant our seeds
We do not lay back and wait
We water
And we see growth

Oh the beauty that pushes through the dirt
And it blooms
It blooms and grows and never stops

Until the drought comes again
And our beauty has died
In sorrow, we cry
For what we dreamed will no longer be
Drought reigns

And as we have dreamed
As our ancestors before us
And theirs before them
So our offspring cultivates its own dream
And the cycle begins again

So if we know the cycle
If we see it
If we grasp it in our knowledge
Why do we persist
Why do we not fall in despair and never rise again

Because hope
You may shove it in the dirt
You may burn it in the flames
You may drown it in the waves
Yet it does not die


The majestic in the madness
The being of all mankind

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