Submitted Date 04/08/2019

~ As tired eyes shut, the trees call out your name. They have sent their whispers upon the wind. ~

Birds once sang, the grass used to wave, and the sun shone down on the earth. Why have we sent them away? We made them flee in fear and sorrow as they begged to be spared.

We laughed in the melody of progress and puffed ourselves up in greed. Man only knows how to take the lives of those who we cannot see.

The strongholds of the earth were torn down by the weak hands of prideful men, and the waves were crushed under their feet.

The flowers do not grow in plenty as they once did. They quiver in the fear that they will be cut. The ponds have dried up and their inhabitants wither away. False water has been brought in place of that which was born first.

The spirits of the trees do not visit mankind as they have in times past. Many of the creatures have taken flight to escape the desolation we have caused.

At night, if you listen closely, you can hear the tears of the animals you have killed. They were taken in an instant when all they wanted was life. Their beauty no longer remains, and the soil cries in anguish as it is watered with their blood.

Mothers cry out for the children we have stolen, and the children weep to return to the one they love.

The skies seethe with rage and thrust storms of fury upon us in warning of our ways. The earth opens to show us the power that lies within her. Yet we do not listen. We continue to view ourselves as the conquerors and rulers of this kingdom. The signs She has shown us are being ignored. How long will She tolerate us?

The earth, the Mother of all the creatures of the land, will not stand for our ways forever. There will come a day when a great upheaval shall arise. She will turn upon us in a fury that no man can rival. If we continue to ignore Her voice, She will not let us last.

Mother Earth has for centuries freely given us all that we need. And like ungrateful children, we have spit in Her face. She forgave and continued to provide. But this shall not last forever. If we do not change, She will.

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