Submitted Date 04/30/2019

The wolves cried out in rage when you killed their young and skinned them for their pelts. The tears dripped from their brown eyes and watered the earth. Foxes ran from the holes that were once known as home. Your loss of morals has drowned their souls in the lake.

Just because you whistle does not mean that you are alive. Alive spirits do not harm others as you do. When did you lose your soul to the void, and how much did it cost you?

The sparrows told me the story of when the flowers tried to save you. But you turned your back and trampled them underfoot. Not even the smell of their blood could change your ways. It's a shame that your kindness ceased to exist. It was once a thing of beauty to see you smile. Now there seems to be a coldness behind your eyes, and the smell of death lingers in the air when you walk by.

Trees shrink back in disgust at the sight of you. Their leaves turn brown when they catch scent of the hate you bring. For your own pleasure, their sap was made to ooze from fresh wounds. The beings of the earth could not save you from the destiny that you chose. Your veins are filled with sand and your heart has turned to dirt.

The sky tried her best to wash you clean, but you chose to cover yourself in a shroud of hatred. Over and over they attempted to cleanse you and make you anew. Yet you resisted and would not allow yourself to be washed. Not even the maggots will eat your remains when you fall.

Butterflies will rejoice when you leave the planet. They have for to long mourned the ones you have harmed. What did the hawk do that caused you to shoot him from his nest? The deer's only crime was choosing to cross your path at a time you deemed inconvenient. And the striped badger had no chance against your wrath.

You were not born with the nature to detest the planet that gave you life. The sickening smell you acquired came out of the selfishness and greed you chose for yourself. You think that paper money makes you wealthy. True wealth comes from the love for all the spirits.

You will never love life if you revel in the death of others. The cries that ring out from those whose lives you give up willingly will haunt you in your sleep. If you so choose to change your ways, she will forgive you. But she will not stand to be misused.

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