Submitted Date 11/06/2019

Zero Waste Beauty P.2It's been a while since I've touched upon this subject again, and I thought it was only time to continue with more tips and tricks. In my last article, I mostly addressed makeup; foundation, eyeliner, blush, etc. There are many zero waste beauty products out there, and I personally just find it fun to make your own products, just like how I mentioned how great it is to have a bronzer or foundation that smells like chocolate from the cocoa powder in the last post. Though, it got me thinking… beauty products aren't limited to makeup, and I think that it's best to discuss so much more, and more products that can be incorporated into daily routines as small switches, like plastic bags to reusable. So here we go.

So oral care is a fun thing because I discovered this little tool called a tongue scrapper which is amazing, as weird as it may sound. It's basically this device that scrapes your tongue and cleans it, which is something that just a brush can't really do fully, especially because with the tongue scrapper you can really reach the back of your mouth, which is good, because by getting off all of that stuff you have fresher breath. The silver and copper ones are zero waste, and many times you can find these without packaging or with cardboard packaging. I recommend it no matter if you are trying to limit plastic, it's just a oral care necessity that I wish I knew about sooner. Floss is usually plastic, and it's actually a good idea to avoid it because it's not actually that good for you. Floss isn't just a plastic string that sometimes has mint flavoring on it, it has PFC's which help the floss get between your teeth better, but this ingredient has been linked to many issues including birth defects and even thyroid disease. If you do some research, there's a lot of "probable issues" that it may cause, which I understand can be said about basically anything, but it's good to do some research on PFC's. You can avoid this and string floss by using water pik's. Costco sells these now and you can find lots on Amazon. It's basically a powerful jet stream that 'flosses' your teeth for you and gets between them, just with water.

Toothpaste can be made yourself, or you can buy tooth powder. I admit I've tried a lot of different things with toothpaste, and unfortunately its still something I struggle with on finding exactly what I like. I've used bentonite clay mixed with water or coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil. I've done this recipe before by adding some charcoal powder, too. I noticed my teeth actually were whiter, and it did clean them well, but it was messy for me. Especially the charcoal powder, which required me to clean my sink more. I've started to try and find a good brand of tooth powder. I think there are just some ingredients I'm lacking in, and since they are pretty specific and only available in bulk or large quantities that I probably wont use, I think it's better to find some tooth powder and refill it. I also know that Lush has a product called toothy tabs, which look like tiny pills that you chew and them use your brush to brush your teeth. This is awesome for traveling, since they're small 'tabs' in a small bottle. They have a lot of different flavors, too. For mouthwash I simply make a mixture of water, baking soda, salt, essential oils, sometimes infused herbs, and mix it in a jar, I was surprised to find that this makes my mouth feel a lot cleaner than store bought mouthwash.

Some easy selfcare switches can be simply buying those lavender bath salts in the glass bottle rather than the plastic bottle or bag. It gains points for being able to reuse the bottle, and if you're lucky enough to have bulk store nearby you could see if you could refill your own bath salts. You could even switch to bath bombs and bubble bars or moisturizing tabs if you live by a Lush.

Many of these things can be found at bulk stores. You can try looking up refill stores in your area to see if there's any near you. You bring in your own jars and they refill it with whatever products you need. The one I live by even has a basket of free jars, glass or plastic, that people drop off if any needs more containers while shopping. All of these things can easily be made yourself, too. You can even do your own lotion with a mixture of shea butter, essential oils, coconut oil, and any other ingredients your heart desires. This ends up being a little pricier, in my opinion, because shea butter is a little pricey for the amount you get. However, if you're really trying to avoid bad ingredients, this is the safest way. Like if a bulk store carried some lotion to get a refill on, except the lotion has a lot of unhealthy ingredients. Doing research about this all might seem tasking, but I think it's fun when you get to bookmark all the things you want to make or be on the lookout for.

Did you know that even sunscreen can be made yourself? Different carrier oils have different percentages of SPF, and it can be mixed with a base product that has the most SPF. Lots of fun things! Like I said, I feel like a scientist while making these things, and it's pretty rewarding being able to use things I made myself, that I know are safe and totally natural.

I guess I underestimated how much there can be done to switch things to zero waste in the beauty section of this all, but I'll keep continuing this little series, going by different rooms, since this one is mostly things you'd have in the bathroom, and w=then, well, we will go from there. Happy exploring.

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