Submitted Date 10/12/2018

Hate to let 'em see you sweat? Well, you're not alone. Many people want to get fit, stay in shape or lose some weight, but can't seem to find the motivation to get to the gym. Even a membership isn't enough of a push to get most butts in gear. But fear not. If you're allergic to exercise or dread breaking a sweat in public, I've got five super fun ways to help you get fit.

1. Fitness Games
Video games aren't child's play anymore. And the stereotype of a gamer is no longer an anti-social junk food addict couch potato. Interactive gaming systems like the XBOX Kinect, Nintendo Wii and VR (virtual reality) systems provide gamers of all ages with great ways to burn calories and have fun with friends. And no matter what you're into there's a title out there for you. Choose dance, yoga or fitness style games, or sports, boxing, and martial arts titles. Plus, adventure and competitive party games will crank up the fun on game night or a casual night in with a buddy.

2. Grownup Playgrounds
Chuck-E-Cheese may be where a kid can be a kid. But trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds are where adults can reconnect with their inner child. You'll laugh your butt off (literally) from jetting, bounding and jumping all over the place. You'll surely break a sweat and feel the burn today, and be a little sore and a little slimmer tomorrow.

3. Dance Fitness
Dance classes are a great way to get in shape, increase your flexibility and coordination, and have fun with other people. Boost your confidence and metabolism with high energy classes like Zumba and African dance. Or slow things down with the intentional movements of hula and belly dance. Bring the attitude with hip hop choreography and Latin dances, like salsa, merengue and tango. Ballroom and swing dancing can also introduce you to great new people since you'll need a partner.

4. Pedal Power
If spinning isn't your thing you could op for a real bike that actually takes you places. If you like the wind in your hair (that's not covered by a helmet) and the sights and sounds of the great outdoors, put the pedal to the metal and make your move. Where the rubber meets the road you might just meet your fitness goals. Using your legs to get your backside moving across the neighborhood or the city is a great workout and an excellent way to get more acquainted with your community. Whether it's on two wheels or three, upright or recumbent, close to home or far and wide, take the opportunity to tour the town, explore the parks, and tackle the trails.

5. Water Works
You're not sweating if you're already wet, right!? Getting in the water is a wonderful, refreshing way to feel the burn and keep your cool. Swimming laps or doing water aerobics at your local YMCA pool is a simple, equipment-free way for anyone to get in shape. If you can't quite swim in the deep end yet, you can get lessons until you get your sea legs. And you can stay in the shallows for some stationary aquaerobics. You'll need to rent or purchase some gear to go paddle boating, paddle boarding, wake boarding, surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, canoeing or water skiing. But fear not, you'll find your flavor. Just make sure to wear your life vest and sunscreen.

Whether you're having fun while getting fit or getting fit while having fun, there's always a way to find the perfect workout for your fitness interests and experience. You can focus on your goals while enjoying the journey. And smiling while you exercise means your more likely to continue the routine. Aim to get about 2.5 hours of moderately vigorous exercise per week any way you can to keep your heart healthy and your figure trim.

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  • Miranda Fotia 2 years ago

    I love dance fitness the most. I can't get motivated to work out on machines, but turn that beat on and I am ready to burn some calories! Great piece! Thanks for sharing!