Submitted Date 07/30/2019

Unsweetened. That was the first thought that crossed my mind the moment I met you. And to be honest, it broke my heart. The emotions that rushed through my veins were ones I had never before felt, and it seemed overwhelming. I know, that in the eyes of others, I came across as an immovable shield. But when I met you, I melted. I didn't know how to melt properly, so I became a puddle on the floor that others stepped over. But you, you trudged right through me without thought or caution.

As you bent down to wipe the droplets of me off your shoes, I looked into your eyes. I was thrust into a world of pain, anger, and heartache. And in that moment, I knew why I melted in your presence and it became too much for my weak heart to carry. I canceled my heart and gave it to you. You pushed my outstretched hands aside and cast evil looks upon my face, but I knew that was not who you were. Inside, you were heaven trapped in a cage. Vines of beauty swirled out of the bars and reached for the skies. But above, a dark shadow captured any semblance of life that dared to reach too far. And in these shadows, the moon stood, captured in the thoughts of your mind.

You cannot shine when you think too hard, and you cannot die if you do not feel. But I knew that you would perish in the dark flames of your own blood if you did not let your soul grace the surface. Once more, I reached out my hands and begged for you to take my heart. There was no use for it if I kept it to myself for eternity.

I could see that the shadow in you craved the surface. Sadness needs to be shared and one cannot share without giving. You grasped at your head as it leaked from your eyes. Droplets of your soul seeped through your fingertips, and I could see it stain the floorboards red. But red means life is still present, so I took my heart and soaked every drop of red into it. And as your mouth opened in anguish, I fed the pieces of it to you until you were full.

We laid on the floor together as our puddles became one, and we soaked in ourselves as I drank your tears.


Photo Credit: Isabella Mariana / https://www.pexels.com/@isabella-mariana-1022505

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