Submitted Date 03/03/2019

My skin

My skin is ugly
I’ve heard it a million times so don’t try to convince me that
it’s this beautiful melanin layering over a even more stunning person
Y’all need to look at my skin
My skin is ugly, splotchy, and dirty
It’s crazy to think
it’s markings symbolize survival and strength
On the real tho
My skin is oppression
You can’t convince me that
My skin is a privilege
My skin represents shithole countries
You must be crazy to think
My skin is royal
You’re out of your mind not to believe me when I tell you
My skin is a burden
Can’t believe some think
My skin is a blessing
Like if we being honest
I’m just another negro
Ain’t no way
My skin is smooth
You’re crazy
My skin is nasty and awful
There’s no convincing me that
My skin is beautiful
You’ve must’ve gone blind
To say my skin is crusty
Is an understatement
Just letting you know
Saying my skin is heavenly
Is a bold face lie
But saying my skin doesn’t attract looks
Now that’s more like it
Hearing people write songs and praises about my skin
Is crazy talk
Saying my skin is flawed
Is the first step to acceptance
Believing my skin to be delectable
Now that’s blasphemy
My skin is nothing but a pigment
Only ignorant people think
My skin is worth more than gold
Like really
My skin is worthless
I don’t wanna hear you say that
My skin is a badge of honor
But guess what
Some people say that their skin doesn’t define them
And I’m gonna have to agree with them
Some people believe their skin to be stunning and glowing
They’re delusional
Some believe my skin to be the worst thing they’ve ever seen
Makes sense
Some might even say my skin reminds them of chocolate
Strange right?
My skin is more than just pigmentation
Well actually, the truth is
My skin is ugly
It be crazy to think that
My skin is beautiful
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