Submitted Date 12/28/2019

Freedom, the most controversial and misinterpreted word in the world.
It's a paradox of being seen as a curse by some and a blessing by others because everything it builds it burns. It's a self destructive natural unnatural recurring element in human nature that seduces the minds of any young visionary. In theory. It's the answer to all problems yet, in practice it's the cause. Freedom is deceitful and uncontrollable. It's ideology forces it's victims to believe their damnation is tolerable. All the while leaving them hopeful. Freedom is God's gift to the devil. A world where bullet holes develop faster in kids than their own brains and narcotics developed by our own certified medical professionals drive us insane. And we are literally FREE falling deep into our own mental abyss thinking we have woken up because freedom rang. That's the kicker like inception. Stuck in a beautiful nightmare that rotates on its axis at just the right angle to keep our hearts hot and cold at the same time. Just a bunch of fighting between the "color blind". Until one side "breaks free" from the other side. And capitalizes off its eventual genocides as the shackles of transgressions over time stay transcribed in the DNA of every tribe. Blinded by the warm rays of ignorance that shine upon us every day. And the cycle restarts the never ending war of the "color blind". Ever since the fall of the tower each tribe seeks its own power . Some fight, some coward. But one day the sun will no longer shine and then they will see the truth to unify.

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