Submitted Date 08/30/2019

Warm weather can bring lots of fun and sun. But it can also pose some season-specific hazards. So here are three more safety tips to consider so you can keep the fun coming all summer long.

1. Travel
Summer is peak time for destination vacations. But warm weather can make already stressful trips even testier. Tempers can flare when temperatures rise, so road rage incidences increase with the heat. If you find yourself in a fender bender or bent out of shape over a traffic jam don't have a clash of personalities. Play it safe and keep your cool.

Prepare for delays and emergencies when traveling. Keep cold water on hand to stave off dehydration and calm frayed nerves. Bring a backup battery or solar powered charger for your phone. Invest in AAA if you can to access rescue services on the road. Have a full spare tire on a real rim, not just a donut with you, along with jumper cables, a tire iron and jack. A portable car battery charger/jump starter can also come in real handy.

Let friends and family know where you're going and for how long. Then check in when you've safely returned. If something goes wrong they will alert the proper authorities much sooner. But don't post your whereabouts online until you're back. This will help protect your empty home from intruders. Automatic lights and trusted house sitters can also keep prying eyes away from a vacant property.

2. Pets
Pet safety is very important in the summer months. Booties will keep concrete and asphalt from burning your dog's sensitive paw pads. Dehydration is easy to miss, so bring water with you on walks, and keep water bowls full and clean when it's warm. You may think your best fur-friend will let you know when it's tired, but pet pooches have been known to play fetch until they collapse. Keep an eye on the time and play in short spurts to protect your fur-baby from dangerous heat exhaustion.

Also be aware of policies and casualties when flying your pets of any size on airplanes. Do everything you can to keep your pet in the cabin with you. Some airlines have terrible track records with animal safety and have a reputation for devastating families with multiple pet deaths per year. Do your research and travel safely with animals. They trust you and will be nervous and scared for hours without you. So keep them as safe and close as you can.

3. Heat
Just in the past few years heatwaves have killed many people all over the world. Overheating and heat exhaustion are serious threats and complications can strike suddenly. The hazards of our warming world are very real and need real consideration not only in summer, but in the ever hotter spring and falls seasons.

If you don't have access to a working air conditioner you can use other innovative and simple methods to keep yourself cool in the ravaging heat.

Place your bed sheets, pillow cases and clothes in the freezer before use. You'll get a nice chill before warming them up with your body heat. You can also forgo drying your freshly washed clothes and put them on wet or damp. The moisture will pull heat away from your body as it evaporates. Wet a towel and wrap it around your head or body. Keep a spray bottle full of water in the fridge and spritz yourself periodically. Keep cooler or ice packs in the freezer or fridge and use to keep cool. Wrap frozen packs in a towel or other material to protect your skin from freezer burn. This also works with ice cubes in a resealable plastic kitchen bag.

Take these precautions when considering summer safety. But use them throughout the year as the weather warms in any season.

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