Submitted Date 05/04/2019

I had once caressed the skin upon your face and brushed back the hair from your eyes. I only saw beauty in you and the whole world faded away into the background. When the wind blew, it told stories of your majesty and grace. Water droplets glistened in your eyes and made them the purest of blue. The curves of your figure could be rivaled by none, and my eyes were blind with your disguise.

Then your words turned to peroxide and left a bitter taste on my lips. Slowly, your smooth skin transformed into scales and turned a hue of purple and green. The purest of blue became a void of black. I struggled to hold onto you, but you fell into the abyss.

The decay of your mind was a choice you willingly made. You sought after that which would turn your insides to mush and empty out of your mouth. You made me bleed for you so that you would stay alive. Yet life is not yours if it is stolen from others. You live in a lie of your own making.

When the darkness called out to your soul, you gave up your essence without a fight. Your body climaxed with the touch of its fingers. You stayed away so your thirst for the unknown could grow. Lust flourished within the thirst and conquered you. It took over your soul and turned you into someone you were not born as.

It hurts to see the pain that made your blood turn black and your eyes rimmed in red. Love was once a word prominent in your vocabulary before it was wrenched from your grasp.

Our bed still calls out for you to lie between the sheets and christen them with your scent. It used to pour from the cells of your skin, but now you smell of death and sex.

I found the pebbles in your shoes that cause you to feel heavy and weighed down. I know that without them you fear that you will float off to space. Space would be a good spot for you. You would be alone without the ability to cause hurt anymore.

Did you choose to be this way or did it choose you? I remember the day you danced in the woods. The trees sang the melody that you twirled to, a flower crown adorned your head, and the ferns declared you a queen.

Yet darkness came and stole you away. I was not strong enough to fight for you. So I watched in despair as your aura turned black and covered you in sadness and anger. I locked the door so that you could not return. It shook against your pounding fist, and mold covered the frame from your tears.

Over time, you grew hard. When you walked, thunder roared and floods damaged the world. Kindness was not a feeling you knew. You had to protect your darkness so you shut out all source of light. The person you became was not known to me.

You will forever tread the dirt and cobblestone paths alone until you are new once again.
I do not know how to be free. You see, the clouds have overtaken me and I do not know how to release them. They were seeking after help and I listened to their pleas. But they lied; they only wanted my soul. They took me into their bosom and ate me alive as I screamed. It was a silent death in your eyes. Your ears could not hear, your arms could not hold, and your heart closed against me.

As I fell into the abyss, I reached out for you to grab me. But your eyes grew a film and turned backwards into your head. Mouth open in a silent scream, I fell continuously. There seemed no end to it.

You abandoned me and I had no choice. I accepted the comfort the darkness provided. I thought if I chose the pain it offered, it would let me be free. But it pulled me deeper and deeper within.

It fell in lust and violated me. My bed sheets became rank with the smell it oozed from its skin, and its scent became my new perfume. In the midst of it all, I longed for your caress once again.

When I look in the mirror, I miss the blue of my eyes. Black does not suit me. I once used to shine with the golden light of the sun, but now I am bathed in the shadows of the night.

I was not strong enough to fight the darkness off. I called out for your help but you were frozen in fear. You ran home and locked the doors against me. My screams and tears could not budge the locks and the darkness dragged me away by my feet.

I put pebbles in the soles of my shoes that it may not take me from the world. When I tried to speak, only sadness came out. It tasted vile, and I spit to rid myself of it.

To protect itself within me, the dark shuttered all sources of lights. I wandered the roads in a fog searching for a yellow flower to bring the light back in. Yet I could only see in black and grey. I am surrounded by shadows and cannot free myself.

I will forever walk alone until I can once again become new.


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