Submitted Date 04/12/2019

Her name,
carried by the evening breeze
Swept past the cherry tree
and danced around the dark vacant walls of the old Hanson place.
I could hear it still as it lunged into the canyon below,
And it echoed in my ears like a lost love.
From the darkest corner of my mind
And the brightest spot in my heart
Memories came crashing around me.
I closed my eyes which only served to breathe new life into every scene.
Under the yellowed glow of a city street light,
I stood and I waited.
I whispered, "don't go" and flung my arms wide as though I could capture her name in the wind.
Garbage drifted past as I gazed
At a man walking his little dog.
He didn't look at me. Was I really there?
Maybe I was just a dying name in the wind.


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