Submitted Date 05/10/2021

When all blossoms are lost

the cherry blossom tree stands firm

patiently waiting for the sun

to warm its branches once again.

Through the strongest of storms

it adapts

taking deeper root.

Though it may lose some branches

it holds fast to as many as it can

bending in the wind as long as it can

refusing to break.

When those branches are lost

its resolve is not.

It is emboldened to grow anew.

When its season finally arrives

magnificent blooms give life

to all that depend upon it.

Flowers give nectar

limbs reach out

providing a safe place to nest.

When in abundance

it casts shade

protection from harm

as much as its branches will allow.

Though its blooms are breathtaking

they pale in comparison.

Its story

so devastatingly beautiful

the willows weep.

When you look upon

the strength of its foundation

you appreciate how far it has come

from the seeds of what it once was

the conditions that oppressed its growth

and still it decided to rise.

When you think of the life it has given

through the many seasons

the droughts where it received nothing

and still it persisted

the harsh storms

that knocked off so many branches

that took so many years to grow

the chill of the winters it endured

receiving very little warmth

but resolved to stay alive

keeping faith that the sun would return.

When you look upon it

the twisted branches

reveal the truth.

You can see why it is the way it is.

You can see why it stopped reaching

where it didn't receive adequate light

and resolved to turn away

out of necessity

for preservation.

Though it still has so much to offer

its value lies not in what it can give

but what it has already given and sacrificed.

Its beauty lies not in its physical strength

but its strength in times of great suffering

the way it has adapted

through times of great turmoil

and most captivating of all

its resilience.

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