Submitted Date 03/30/2019

Oh the beauty and majesty that is spring. Warmth has returned to the land, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the rain has that special smell to it. How I have missed this time of the year.

When fall had come this last year, I was excited for the cold weather. This is highly unusual for me as I detest being cold. My preference is to be hot over being chilled to the bone. No matter how many layers I put on when it's chilly, I am still freezing.

And lo and behold, when fall had arrived, I was excited. I remember going outside and breathing in the scents that only fall brings. I was basking in that glorious nostalgic feeling that comes with a new season. And I did enjoy it. The briskness of the air, the colors changing, and the feeling of a cool wind across my face all felt amazing. But that didn't last long.

Soon I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't have enough long sleeved shirts, (I only own two because, you know, screw cold weather. I like heat.) the heat in the house wasn't hot enough, and the wind was biting at my face. And, as the creature of habit that I can be, I fell back into my old ways of hating the cold.

The days were becoming dark and cloudy, and the sun showed its face less and less. I began to feel desperate for the feeling of warm sunshine bathing my skin. And, to be honest, it made me a bit grumpy. Perhaps on some days I was a little more than a "bit".

I daydreamed about when summer would return and longed for the weather to be so hot that the only relief was jumping in a lake to cool off. I complained about having to work in the frigidness, when all I wanted to do was take a vacation to Florida for the rest of the season.

Fall and winter were dragging on and it seemed as if they would never leave. But then, a miracle happened. A day appeared where the temperature did a crazy thing and was 50°instead of 30°. Days like this bounced in and out. It was as if the universe was teasing me. But little by little, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds for a little longer. Soon the 50° days turned into 60°. And then Daylight Savings, oh that wondrous day, arrived and the sun stayed out even longer.

Now the frosty days are few and far between. The birds are chirping, the flowers are pushing through the earth, and even trees have begun to bloom their springtime miracles. The joy I thought I had forever lost has returned. I now wake up in the morning and smile when I hear the birds outside. And I feel like a child once more when I romp through the trails in the nearby park.

It may not be quite warm enough for swimming in the lake yet, but it seems so much nearer than ever before. I wish that I could live indefinitely in the state of spring and summer. For me, these two seasons bring a joy and adventure that the others do not.

I wish to forever live in tank tops, shorts, and skirts. It is once again possible to walk outdoors barefoot without fear of frostbite taking away my poor appendages. The earth is warm when I scoop handfuls of her up and breathe in her scent. And the wind no longer bites and claws at my face but gently caresses me instead.

This spring/summer season, I shall live my life as a grand adventure where time does not end and nights only exist for gazing at the starry sky. I will bask in the energy that Mother Earth so graciously gives when she has once more come to life. And I think that I will forget the constraints of age and act as if I were a child again playing out in the fields surrounding my childhood home. The hiking shoes will make a return and my body will protest. But the smile will not leave my face.

The smells of the breeze coming off the lake, delicious food being grilled, and the sounds of laughter will fill the air. And all shall be joy.

I like to think that, this year, these seasons will last forever. And I would not complain if they did.

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