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When she approached the crowded club, the heavy bass blasting from inside trembled the ground beneath Ivy's feet. She glanced at the long line of people in colorful dresses and fashionable suits. She strutted past them up to the burly, bald bouncer who was glancing down at his phone.

When he looked up, Ivy was there, smiling innocently at him. His eyes widened for a moment, then he stepped out of her way and allowed her to pass. She smirked as she sauntered by, ignoring the grumble of the line behind her.

Vibrant, dancing lights flashed to the beat of the music blaring around her. At the center of the floor, people were dancing and swaying to the rhythm. In the far corner, Ivy could see a bar where a few people lingered and sipped on their cocktails. Beside it, there were sections of brown leather couches and chairs where people sat and chatted with one another. Waiters with wide trays filled with twinkling shot glasses occasionally walked up to the groups and offered them drinks.

Ivy remembered a time where she very much enjoyed this scene. She and her friends would go dancing on the weekends and drink while flirting with men. She wasn't quick to forget this was how she'd met Keenan. An abrupt memory distracted her.


She had been with her friend Michelle that night, and the two were having a blast. They had been to the same club plenty of times, searching for boys and booze. Michelle had already left with another stranger that night, as was usual for her. Ivy was getting ready to leave the party herself.

A large hand landed softly on her shoulder. She turned and met the grey eyes of a beautiful stranger. He was wearing a burgundy suit jacket with a black shirt underneath and black slacks. His shaggy hair lay below the nape of his neck in thatches of messy caramel waves. When he smiled at her, she felt dizzy.

"Hello," he greeted her with a flash of his bright teeth.

"H-hi." Ivy stuttered before taking the last sip of the red fruity cocktail in her hand, even though she was already swaying unintentionally.

"Can I buy you another drink?" He chuckled as she finished her own. Ivy was already past her limits, but she felt as if she couldn't say no. She nodded at him with a shy smile. His strong hand encompassed hers as he pulled her over to the bar. Waving the bartender over to them, he ordered her a tequila sunrise and a shot of whiskey for himself.

"How did you know?" Ivy called to him over the music.

"What did I know?" He replied.

"That I love tequila sunrises!" She laughed. The man grinned back at her, and her knees felt weak.

"Call it a lucky guess." He winked.

"I don't know your name."


"It's nice to meet you, Keenan. I'm Ivy."

"It's very lovely to meet you, miss Ivy." He purred. The bartender set their drinks on the counter, and Ivy hastily snatched hers and took a brave swig.

The rest of the night was a blur of laughter and dancing and drinking. Eventually, Keenan invited Ivy to his place, and though she knew better, she couldn't help but say yes. He hailed a cab, though Ivy didn't remember much of the ride. Mostly she remembered his hard, feverish kisses on her lips.

She didn't recall approaching the mansion or even walking into his bedroom, but suddenly they were there. Keenan continued to kiss her everywhere her bare skin was exposed while Ivy clung to him.


Ivy was shaken out of her trance by someone calling, "Miss?" behind her. She turned, and standing in front of her was a young man with a nervous smile on his face. He was wearing a tight grey vest over a collared white shirt and grey dress pants to match. He was looking at her with hope and something indecipherable in his eyes.

"I'm sorry," Ivy blinked while flashing a smile, "what was that?"

"I, uh, was wondering if I could buy you a drink," the man stammered as he looked away. Ivy's grin widened. It was amusing how easily humans were intimidated by her. And yet they were still attracted to her.

"I would love that," she crooned. The man visibly swallowed, and Ivy had to suppress her laughter.

"What will you have?"

"Get me a screwdriver," she picked the first thing that came to mind. The alcohol would do nothing to her unless it was in the blood of her victims, but she wanted one anyway. Old habits die hard, Keenan had said.

The man turned and headed to the bar while Ivy stood where she was. A new, heavy beat began to play, and people dancing cheered. She watched as the brown-haired man in the cheap suit strode her way with two glasses in his hands. He smiled as he handed her the orange drink. Ivy took a sip and waved her glass.

"Thank you." She breathed in and realized how tantalizing this stranger smelled. His blood was sweet, and it distracted her—her fangs protruded.

"I'm Darren." The man offered another shy smile. It was kind of cute, Ivy thought.

"Ivy." She didn't risk smiling with her teeth; she didn't want to scare him off. There was something oddly attractive about him to her, and she didn't want him to leave.

"Do you come here often, Ivy?" Before she could reply, a long arm snaked around her waist. A familiar, asinine arm. She watched as the man's face changed from interest to confusion.

"Sorry, bud, but she's with me," Keenan's smooth voice murmured. Darren glanced at Ivy as if to confirm. Ivy shrugged out of Keenan's grasp and mouthed "sorry", but the man had already turned to leave. Ivy watched wistfully as he disappeared into the crowd. Then, she whipped around to face her bane.

"What the hell was that, Keenan?" She barked.

"He looked shady." Keenan said, a hint of a grin pressing at the corners of his lips.

"I don't fucking appreciate that," she growled. He sighed.

The truth was, Keenan really didn't like the look of him. He'd watched him eye her like she was his next victim in bed. The thought of anyone but him touching Ivy made Keenan see red. His fangs extended, and he licked his lips. She was his whether she realized it or not.

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