Submitted Date 05/11/2019

I sat in the dead of night watching you bleed yourself. I saw you lick away the tears that rolled from your eyes. It was then that I realized this is not where you belong. Your light has flown away and will not return.

Elegance was written upon the surface of your skin as wings were sewn into your shoulders. The way you flowed between my lines made my body shudder in pleasure and longing. The world became sublime.

But shame came and covered you in chemicals. Obsession filled you and overflowed from your veins. Your touch was shallow and cold, and you no longer attracted the Luna moths. They fled at the scent of your sweat.

I watched from the distance as you followed the black sun into a land that none have seen. The horizon swallowed you in bits and pieces, and you faded away never again to be held in my arms.

You fell away and I cannot bring you back. You gave yourself away to a creature that I have never seen. But in the night, I can hear it calling your name. You thrash in the bed and cry out in horror. The sheets, that were once wrapped around our bodies, grew hot with coals. You are gone now.

Now I hear you call out. I do not know if it is for me or the person in yourself that you lost. I'm stuck in a cave and the darkness surrounds me. It reaches for me and asks me to succumb. I cannot see the sun or feel its warmth. I am lost.

All you have ever felt rushes through me in a single moment. I scream and claw away at my heart. In this moment, I know I am you. I cannot breathe, for each breath pierces into my soul.

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