Submitted Date 02/03/2020

I care not what you will be but only who you are now. For I have learned to not hope for what may never be. If I cannot grasp the essence of what is now, then to me it does not exist.

You cared too much for that of the unknown. If only you had sought the present as I did. Perhaps then everything would be different.

The future stole you from me, and I cannot forgive it. Loneliness does not suit me, but it is all that I have. You were the one that looked good on me. And as I look back on the moments we spent together, I begin to lose your memory. The smell of your skin is escaping with the breeze that flows past, and I hear your giggle upon the gusts of wind.

You were a hurricane that showered me with the life I never knew I needed. It was through your storm that the sun began to shine in my soul. But never ending sun burns the eyes and shrivels all life. Without your clouds, I am nothing. And I do not know how to be nothing.

I know it was the desire for more than carried you away, but how I wish you would have stayed for one more day. How does a flower live without the rain to give it life?

Envy of the future is rooted deeply in my veins. May she know how to treat the creator of life for she knows not the precious soul she holds in her grasp.

The ivy has begun to take over the lands you once ruled, and it will be the end of everything. I live, but it rules. And you are gone.


Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt, https://www.pexels.com/@enginakyurt

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