Submitted Date 04/27/2020

I saw you again

Not too long ago

I believe it was in a picture

Or perhaps on a TV show


I even heard your melody

How I love its sound

It puts listeners at ease

For it's tranquil and profound


The delicacies you share

I can taste them now

My taste buds have awakened

They want to happily shout "Ciao"


The clothes your people wear

How polished and exquisite

I could never look as radiant in them

No matter how hard I imagine it


Your art is so beautiful

It takes my breath away

So well crafted and full of passion

You can tell by how they sit on display


The lands of which you own

So much history they can teach

And every bit of them

Are within your marvelous reach


I see you everywhere

As if you're a ghost haunting me

Strangely enough

I can't help but be filled with glee


It feels as if I know you

A feeling I can't ignore

How could this be

If we never met before?


All of your stories that I was told

They stick to me like glue

Perhaps that is why

I feel that connection with you


This all sounds premature

I'm sure you will agree

Maybe someday I'll get to meet you

Little Italy


Until that time comes

As farfetched as it seems

I'll be seeing you again

But only in my dreams

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