Submitted Date 02/16/2020

Follow the lust of the universe in your soul and do not give it up for anything. Your desire is not weak, but the strength that holds your exceptional soul together. The desire you seek allows you to float while being utterly grounded in who you are. Do not let others tell you who you need to be, because the one who knows you is yourself. If you give yourself away to all the people who tell you how to be, you will no longer be. To exist in minds who do not have a say in who you are, can only make you into a shattered part of a whole that once existed.

If you cannot exist for yourself, why exist for anyone else? Your dreams are yours and should solely be yours. Why do you give away your dreams to souls that do not live? They cannot cherish you in the way that you can, and they cannot begin to imagine how to be infatuated with the treasure that you are.

Do you view yourself as a treasure? If you do not, it is not possible for anyone else. The universe created you to glitter in her sunshine and glow under her moon. You are as one with the flowers and dirt. Both are equally as beautiful and precious. And that is you... beautiful and precious. Your soul is as glass: sharp, weak, and strong. Do not let the world tarnish you with their fingerprints and tongues of lies, but become a mirror in which you can look to see the truth of yourself. You do not owe your truth to anyone who you do not wish to share it with.

If you seek a desire, grasp it. To seek and to find is a glorious thing. But do not forget the adventure that comes between the two points. Let your nightmares be fuel to the glorious dreams you seek to fulfill. They will weigh you down if you give them permission to do so. Thus, do not give them permission.

Above all else, need yourself first. Others come later. Do not let yourself be chained to another out of fear of failure or loneliness. These fears are not real, but are ideas that reside in the deepest recesses of our souls. Embrace those fears until they disappear into the depths of self-love. Grasp them soundly, and they will become the force that drives you closer to your own heart.

Fears are not evil. We view them as such, but this is a lie we tell ourselves. Do not allow your mind to lie to your heart, for your heart knows the truth in life. And it is the heart that will lead you home...Wherever that may be.


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