Submitted Date 04/15/2021

Hey Writer Moms!!

The global pandemic has taken an incredible toll on all of society. Working moms in the United States face intensified levels of stress and economic hardship, as they struggle to balance primary responsibility for caring for and educating their children while advancing their careers. In truth, every mother is a working mother. Motherhood itself is an honored position that takes skill, labor, and character. Further, you won't be surprised to note that "increased household responsibilities have forced many working mothers -- and especially Black and Latinx mothers — to scale back on their hours or leave the workforce entirely during the pandemic." (Terry Gross, Fresh Air)

We want to make sure that the working mother has a voice, and that her story is documented during these unprecedented times. This is an opportunity to tell your story, in your words. The Pandemic Mom's Journal is currently accepting submissions of stories 500-800 words long. Your story should be written in the form of a journal entry for one full day. It can be from anytime in the last year - when the pandemic first appeared in the news, when it affected your career, your children's daily lives, or perhaps when you went through the pain of losing a loved one. Along with your story, you are requested to upload a family photo. In compensation for your time and effort, you will receive a digital illustration of your family portrait.

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