Submitted Date 12/23/2019

Have you ever heard of a little thing called a jade roller? No? Yes? Maybe? Well, I will let you in on a secret or two throughout my rambling, but make no mistake, the core message of this all is that this little jade stone roller thing changed my life. Too dramatic? It changed my whole beauty routine. And my whole face, if we're being honest here. It is quite an investment, low or high, at that.

So, anyway, what's a jade roller? Honestly, it's jade on a roller, it's a rock, it's a rock on this roller thing device that usually has two sides, one of a long jade stone and one of a smaller jade stone. The smaller side is usually used for around the eyes and other small crevice's of the face. So, yes, you roll a rock on your face, and I am here on the other side of a year of jade rolling to finally declare my obsession.

Personally I'm a little obsessed with crystals and stones, too, so when I first found out about the jade roller I of course was skeptic of the claims and benefits that were being made online for it, but since those claims were things I personally wanted, or if you must, needed, and because I have my own stone collection and did not have jade, I essentially first added the little guy into my Amazon cart as quick as possible because it was an excuse to get a new stone. Honestly, though, I'm not too sure about how I feel with the stone usage also providing benefits to the exercise you perform on your face with this thing yet. As the time passed, I have seen rose quartz rollers and amethyst rollers, Dalmatian jade and white jade, lots of different stones put on rollers. But essentially, the point is, you're rolling this on your face and helping with blood circulation, lymph drainage, absorption of oils or moisturizers, and smoothing of the skin.

Before I purchased a jade roller I also already slathered a bunch of oils on my face before bed. I've tried a variety from rose hip, argan, marula, carrot seed oil, etc. Lots of strictly "this oil is from nature and nature alone", however now I use a retinol oil on my face at night and my routine has really slimmed down. And here I am now, able to say that my nighttime routine really slimmed down because of the jade roller. I didn't need to slather on so many things on my face after a while because I saw such a difference. I just decided to add some retinol to my routine, and I needed at least one oil or moisturizer to keep using the roller.

So what do you do? Well, you put some oil on your face, spread it around a little, and roll. The jade roller helps these serums absorb into your skin and it also helps with blood circulation and lymph drainage. There are many videos and little maps with arrows to show which direction to roll in. I always go from my chin, making my way up to my forehead and finishing by going down my face again and rolling over my lymph nodes in my neck. I used to have a puffy face all the damn time. Before it was just in the mornings and I would just need to splash my face fifty million times with freezing cold water to get my eyes to calm down and my cheeks and chin area to look normal. I have seen such a difference with jade rolling at night and waking up to the joy of a unpuffy face. My skin was glowing the first day I tried this when I woke up. Many people start off with a facial massage using their fingers and then moving on to the jade roller, too. This gives you even more benefits that aren't even all for your face. There's ayurvedic massage and acupressure that you can look up online to do for a gentle facial massage on yourself that have techniques to improve headaches, further help with any puffiness in the face and around the eyelids, and help with congestion!

I now also see the difference in my face right away when I skip a day and when I am too tired at night to go through the routine. It sucks, honestly. I see the difference like a sore thumb now since my face doesn't ever look puffy anymore after following such a routine. I also noticed that the dark circles I used to have under my eyes were gone after about three months. I think what I had initially wanted to get out of this little stone when I first bought it was to see if it would actually make my face look slimmer. I wanted my skin to look tighter, and my face to look smaller, I guess. It took a long long time for me to lose some chubby baby cheeks years ago, I still had them in high school, and my first year of college, and I hated them for some reason. Last year when I purchased it, I didn't have that issue anymore, but I felt like my face still looked congested or bloated and I had been contouring my cheeks every day because I just liked the more sculpted look on me. Well, I am here to say that it definitely worked and my face looks a whole lot more sculpted. And maybe it could be age, but the one thing that is certain is that it really did help out with some serious puffiness that I had.

I think it's a great addition to any beauty routine and should be looked into, but don't forget to do your research when purchasing one. I started off with cheap ones from Amazon and probably went through three from there that all broke over time. It's worth it!

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