Submitted Date 05/24/2019

i miss the way
we used to shower together
how we'd make space
and time
to share the hot water
for the two minutes it lasted.
i get it,
life is in the way,
not just the giant
bump of baby
between us.

the early days
were memorable though;
jobless, pointless
roaming nowhere but
at least
under the broiling sun
and brooding moon.

i think it was just sex
for three straight months,
and we probably forgot how to breathe.
but what else do you do
when your soulmate walks off
of a bridge one night
when you weren't sure
you knew how
to be alive anymore?

you learn to live again.

no one's surprised we
have kids now.
but I remember feeling nervous,
worried that
i was stealing too much hot water,
or how you'd run your hands down my spine
and wash my back
because my arms aren't as
freakishly long as yours.
and midnight hair dye would run over my shoulders
and you wouldn't care if your toes turned blue.

i think once or twice we
figured out shower sex,
but I like how it was really just
a tiny little space
where we could share ourselves,
share a moment,
unfettered by day to day
only that
there was enough hot water
to keep the steam thick
and our bodies warm.

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