Submitted Date 03/03/2020

The beep of the GPS became steadier as the jeep approached the mountainside. Reginald scanned the area as he guided the vehicle through the dense forest towards what he hoped was the entrance to a cavern. The heat was brutal and sweat rolled down his face. The salt stung his eyes forcing him to wipe it away every few minutes. The fact that there was no road didn't make this any easier. The dense underbrush and rocky terrain made him feel like he was riding a bull in a rodeo. Just up ahead he spotted an area that looked vaguely like the area he was looking for. As if on cue, the GPS beep became a flat singular tone. He'd arrived - within a few hundred yards of his desired location.

Reginald got out of the vehicle and grabbed his gear. In his bag were knee pads, leather chaps, a machete, and a mountaineering helmet equipped with a miniature camcorder that was connected to a terabyte drive in his backpack. That drive was also connected to a portable wireless transmitter that would back-up all the data from the drive to a remote server on command. He put on his gear including the helmet and activated the camera.

He swiveled his head around the area so the camera could record the view and spoke in a clear voice. "Testing. Testing. Mary had a little lamb. Good morning, Dave."

He keyed up the camera feed on his tablet and hit the playback. On the screen, he saw the camera view scanning the area and heard his voice as clear as if he were speaking. Reginald placed the tablet back in his pack, grabbed the GPS, and headed towards the yellow blob on the screen.

"Okay. Looks like we're ready to go. This is Reginald Blackstone with AncientBeginnings.WEB. I'm here in Bosnia at the southwestern base of the Pyramid of the Dragon near Buci about 40 km northwest of Sarajevo. Through extensive research, I was able to discover some ancient texts in a previously unknown temple in the Yucatan. Insert images of the Yucatan temple and texts here. Don't forget to place the website address at the bottom of the screen."

He continued on narrating as he walked further into the forest and up the mountain. Every few minutes he made a personal note for information to post into the video when the time came to edit it.

"I was flabbergasted when I saw the markings on the Yucatan temple. Forms of ancient hieroglyphics very similar to Egyptian and Chinese right there alongside the ancient Olmec markings. There were even pictographs that reminded me of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Massive round heads lined an overgrown walkway leading to the main temple which had was clearly of Aztec design. Be sure to place the images and videos of these findings here."

Reginald saw a small game trail ahead right where GPS seemed to be leading him. "Looks like I'm not the only one to come this way. A game trail leads off in the direction I need to go. Let's hope it's a little easier than the "trail" I just came off of. Anyway, when I saw those markings at the temple in the Yucatan I attempted to contact an archaeologist who specialized in this sort of thing. Fifteen times over three weeks, as a matter of fact. He ignored me and never returned my calls. So here I am on my own."

The GPS began beeping louder. And then it was a steady tone. He was close. Within a few dozen feet of where he believed the text said the entrance to the Creator's Temple of Knowledge was located. There in front of him was a massive rock wall at least 100 feet high. His heart sank a little. The sheer wall must have run for a couple of hundred feet in either direction. He approached the wall began searching for any openings. After a couple of hours of searching and three gallons of sweat, he took a knee. Slowly, he scanned the area looking for anything odd or out of place.

"The text said, 'Where the temples of the Sun, Moon, and Earth touch the sky the Dragon protects the Creator's knowledge. It surrounds the Temple; his body conceals. To gain passage seek the entrance at the tail and the Sun's rest. The Creator's design will make you worthy.'"

He looked down at the ground and watched the sweat drip from his face into the dry soil. A small puddle was forming. The wind blew and a small dust devil spun up just in front of him. The light of the setting sun gave it an ominous, hazy look. Watching the whirling dervish he recited the text, '…seek the entrance at the tail of the sun's rest.' A tail is in the rear – at the back. The sun's rest. The sun rests in the west – sunset. The southwest side of the Dragon. That's got to be it. Maybe I have this all wrong."

He sat crossed legged and stared at the mountain in front of him. Silently he continued to recite the verse - running it through his mind hoping for a spark of insight. He saw images of the writings on the temple in the Yucatan in his mind. Twilight was upon him and the sun had almost set. He ran the text through his mind again. 'Where the temple of the Sun, Moon, and Earth touch the sky the Dragon protects the Creator's knowledge. It surrounds the Temple; his body conceals. To gain passage seek the entrance at the tail and the Sun's rest. The Creator's design will make you worthy.'

As the sun went down over the mountains to the west Reginald began to lose hope. He'd come all this way for nothing. Thousands of miles. Three years of research. Four continents. He had to be missing something. But what? It couldn't be wrong. He'd researched for years. He was meticulous. This had to be the correct area. He looked up as the sun fell below the mountains behind him. About 50 feet in front of him he saw a small rabbit come from behind a patch of vines growing up the cliff. Reginald watched as the creature scurried about its business and hopped off on its nightly routine to forage for food. Then two more followed close behind from the patch of vines.

"Where'd you come from, little guy? There's no cave or warren over there. I checked." The light was the faintness of twilight. He turned on his helmet light and remembered he was still recording.

"Don't worry folks I'm still here. Just trying to get my bearings and figure this out. Seems we have some local residents going about on their nightly rounds. A small rabbit just hopped out from behind those vines on the cliff. I think I'm going to check that area out again." Reginald stood and walked to the cliff wall and the string of vines. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the vines weren't climbing the wall. Some 100 feet up he saw that they were actually growing down from the top. And they weren't vines, but tree roots. On the backside of the root wall, he noticed movement. Shining his light on the area revealed a small rabbit moving down what appeared to be a small game trail worn down on the vines. Following the trail up the wall, he noticed an opening at about the ten-foot mark. A cave.

"It appears my little friends here may have shown me the front door. Alright, it looks like we may have found the Temple of Knowledge."

The climb up was a lot more difficult than he thought it would be. After several minutes of dirt, fur, flies, and rot – not to mention some god-awful smell he couldn't identify - he climbed into the opening. His helmet light illuminated the hole in the cliff. It was large enough for a man to stand up in and about twice as wide. The walls were a smooth, black stone as if worked by a machine. It was man-made. The floor was covered in many years' worth of decayed organic matter and rabbit dung. He pointed his light down into the cave. It continued on a long way into the mountainside. The muck on the floor went about ten feet in giving way to the same smooth, clean-cut stone as the rest of the opening. The walls were inscribed with ancient writing he'd never seen before. He scanned the writing closes to him but saw that the writing continued as far down into the cave as he could see.

He gently brushed his hand over the writing and watched in stunned silence as the glyphs glowed a faint blue color against the pitch-black walls. "This is amazing. The glyphs are reacting to my touch. They're pulsating. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this. As soon as my hand has passed over the glyphs the pulsating stops and the glow fades. I don't know what to make of this. How does it do this? Why does it do this? Maybe it's some sort of bio-luminescent fungi or bacteria reacting to the heat from my hands. I need to get a sample to analyze."

Per Aspera Ad Astra - Brian L. Knack


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