Submitted Date 01/14/2020

Follow me to the end so that my heart may be found and I will be saved. I have lost that which makes me who I am, and I cannot find the strength to begin anew.

If I were to run, I would run to the forest and let the trees cover me with their branches. To become a child of the woods is my deepest longing. For the stream to be my sister and the moon my mother are the only thoughts that calm this soul of mine.

But oh mother, I cannot seem to find you and you feel so far away from where we once were. I know in another life we were always near one another. But in this world, I am so lost.

Oh sister, can you not hear my cries to you? Can you not see the pain that pours from every crevice of my heart? My tears shed for you every moment of these passing days.

As the years of this lifetime go by, I seek to bring them back and become a child once more. For as a child, I felt closer to the one who birthed me. But as this vessel ages, so does the distance between us. Every time I run from the troubles of life, I am seeking to find the light of your embrace.

To remember the idea of us kills the heart of this body and saddens my eternal soul. If I have chosen this life, oh how I regret it.

I am so far from home. But home is lost to me as this mind never knew and does not know how to remember what the spirit knows.

Can a spirit die? For my spirit believes that it is fading away. As this body grows older, so the strength in my soul does as well. It seems it will never be renewed until I am able to return from where I came.

I wait for the day when the death of this life will enter my lungs and I will be free. To be trapped is the worst fate I can imagine. And that fear is played over and over again every day I am here.

Oh mother, find me once again and bring me to your heart.


Photo Credit: Arnie Chou,

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